Thursday, July 22, 2010

My scratch routine at Urban Rockwell's book signing.

This is a portion of an impromptu scratch routine I did at Urban Rockwell's book signing. Urban Rockwell blessed me with this video footage recently so I figured why not post it to my blog. :)

Not only is Urban Rockwell a good friend of mines but he's also a DOPE artist and poet so be sure to click here to check out his website.



  1. I was blown away when I found out how gifted my friend Hash was with the music. I remember when he made a custom dj mix tape for me with some dope music; adding his creative turntable flare to it. I asked Hash, "what are you doing with your DJ equipment"? Hash was like, "just sitting in my crib as a hobby". I said, "Hash, you need to start doing something with your music; Will you DJ my book signing?" Hash did my show as a debut to the community of Ashburn in Chicago. I was humbled and honored for him to come through. It made my book signing 10 times better, and from there, he's continuing to grow and get the recognition he deserves.

  2. Thanx fam! I really appreciate the kind words. However, it was ME that was humbled and honored to do your book signing though. :) I have you to thank for giving me that extra push to get myself out there. You're a big part of my success. I can't thank you enough family!!!


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