Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH ft. Chaundon!!!

Click here to listen to the DOPENESS!

Yo! Yo! Yo! What’s up family! Thank you for listening to Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH tonight on the award winning www.playvybz.com. You were in for a treat because I had the pleasure and opportunity to chop it up with Chaundon out of the Hall of Justice camp! Now if you missed the show tonight or want to hear the DOPENESS again... I GOT YOU!!! The show is here for your listening AND SHARING enjoyment! :)

This was an AMAZING show! Chaundon opened up 100% in this no holds barred interview. He discussed everything from his beginnings as an up and coming rapper & MC, to his music as part of the Justice League and NOW as part of the HOJ. Chaundon also talked about his feelings about the music game, 9th Wonder’s deflection from Little Brother ,as well as, Little Brothers final album and ultimate break up.

Music wasn’t the only thing Chaundon discussed with me. He also described in detail the car accident that himself, Rapper Big Pooh, Jozeemo, Big Dho, & Joe Scudda were unfortunately apart of earlier this year. We even talked in great lengths about cooking! You gotta hear this interview! It’s DOPE! TRUST ME!!! Once you add DOPE music along with an INCREDIBLE interview that equals an AMAZING show. So check out the show and ENJOY! I’ll see you next Tuesday and EVERY Tuesday from 6-8pm (CST) on www.playvybz.com! Peace fam!!!

DJ HasH (of the Temporary Residents) aka Da Corned-Beef Kid!

*** PLAYLIST ***

DJ HasH- Vinyl Vybz Intro

DiViNe SeVeN- Who Am I?

Omega Red & J-Fury- Directions

SB- Travelin’

Intermission- DJ Premier “Blow Horn Joint”

Boogie Down Productions- South Bronx

The Fugees- Ready or Not

Busta Rhymes- Still Shining

Nas- It Aint Hard To Tell

Intermission- Jamal “Keep It Real” (instrumental) / Shade Cobain & BusCrates 16 Bit Ensemble “Montara” / Busta Rhymes “Everything Remains Raw” (instrumental) / Baatin “Magic”(instrumental) / J-Dilla “Make’em NV” (instrumental)

*** Chaundon interview (Part 1)!!! ***

Little Brother- The Honorable ft. Chaundon

Little Brother- We Got Now ft. Chaundon

Chaundon- Is She The Reason (Destiny’s Child & Chaundon Remix Produced by 9th Wonder)

Chaundon- 3 Kings ft. Torae & Skyzoo

Intermission- Dokk Savage “Exodus” / Black Moon “Buck Em Down” (instrumental) / Black Milk “Pressure” / Channel Live “Mad Izm” (instrumental) / Gang Starr “So Wassup?!”

*** Chaundon interview (Part 2)!!! ***

Little Brother- So Cold ft. Chaundon

Chaundon- Falling Stars ft. Carlitta Durand & Median

Chaundon- Disconnected

Chaundon- Yall Don’t Want It ft. Carlitta Durand

Intermission- Supernatural “Buddah Blessed It” (instrumental) / Raekwon “Rainy Dayz” (instrumental) / The Notorious B.I.G “Sky’s The Limit” (instrumental)

*** Chaundon interview (Part 3)!!! ***

Eric Roberson- Miles Away

Deborah Jordan- Home ft. Replife

Iman Williams- Float Away ft. Porsche Smith

Ty- Me ft. Erik Rico

Intermission- Nice & Smooth “Old to the New” (chopped, looped, & scratched by DJ HasH)

Median- Pardon Me Dude

Little Brother- Lovin It ft. Joe Scudda

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