Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH ft. Ladybug Mecca!!!

What’s up family! Welcome to yet ANOTHER special edition of Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH! Well I like to think all of my Vinyl Vybz shows are special. :) But last night’s show was EXTRA special due to the fact that I had the honor of choppin' it up with the one and only Ladybug Mecca!!! She was ever so gracious to take the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and talk to me via telephone. Some of the topics that Ladybug Mecca discussed with me during the interview was her solo album Trip the Light Fantastic, her working and personal relationship with Guru (R.I.P), her Brazilian heritage & its influence on her music, as well as her current passion and love with DJing (DJ Ladybug Mek). So be sure to check the interview out. Ladybug Mecca is "nasty" on the mic but VERY "nice" in person. And you’ll notice that during the interview. She’s very down to earth and a wonderful spirit!!!

It wouldn’t be a Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH show without any DOPE Hip Hop & Soul music so I made sure I represented for Ladybug Mecca , starting with the past, by playing some Digable Planets BANGA’S including the CLASSIC Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) . Then I brought you to the present with some MAJOR heat off Ladybug Mecca’s solo album Trip The Light Fantastic, including the international only release If I Need To Move On (Sometimes) . Also prepare to hear some more DOPENESS from songs that featured Ladybug Mecca! PLUS I played some straight FIYAH from De La Soul, Ty, Little Brother, Mos Def, Bahamadia, & Common just to name a few. Plus a DOPE Old to the New featuring Heavy D and the Boyz, Lin Que fka Isis, & Camp Lo!

Thank you for listening to the show last night on AND for listening to this podcast. I had a GREAT time doing this show. So enjoy the DOPE music, the TIGHT interview, and feel free to share this podcast and spread the word family! Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH comes on EVERY Tuesday from 6-8pm (CST) on the BEFFTA award winning!


DJ HasH aka cratediggahash aka Da Corned-Beef Kid!!! :)

Special thanks to Arasia , DJ Moonbaby , Nikia , Brittany aka Babygirl and of course Ladybug Mecca herself for your assistance in bringing this interview into fruition.

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*the podcast to this show is available immediately after the playlist*

DJ HasH- Vinyl Vybz Intro

Digable Planets- The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug

Digable Planets- Jettin’

Digable Planets- Where I’m From (Aural G. Ride 12”)

Digable Planets- Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

Intermission- Panacea “Incubator Purgatory” (instrumental)

De La Soul- Forever

Little Brother- Before The Night Is Over

Ty- Me ft. Erik Rico

Panacea- Lady Gives The Blues

Mos Def- Casa Bey

Intermission- Yesterday’s New Quintet “Golden Lady” / MF Doom “Black Snake Root” / Gang Starr “Eulogy” (instrumental)

*** Ladybug Mecca interview (Part 1)!!! ***

Digable Planets – Borough Check ft. Guru

Intermission- Gang Starr “You Know My Steez” (instrumental) / J-Dilla “Nothing Like this” (instrumental) / InI “Microphonist Wanderlust” (chopped & looped by DJ HasH) / Silhouette Brown “Looking Back” (chopped & looped by DJ HasH)

*** Ladybug Mecca interview (Part 2)!!! ***

Ladybug Mecca- Show the World

Ladybug Mecca- Dogg Starr

Ladybug Mecca- Sexual Alchemy

Intermission- Sun Circle “Sun Circle Theme” / Oddisee “Chocolate City Dreaming” / 2000 Black “Febulous”

*** Ladybug Mecca interview (Part 3)!!! ***

Common- Hungry

Precise- It’s On Me

Omega Red & J-Fury- Directions

SB- I’m Looking For A Clair Huxtable

Lupe Fiasco- He Say, She Say ft. Gemini & Sarah Green

Lupe Fiasco- American Terrorist ft. Matthew Santos

Intermission- Nice & Smooth “Old to the New” (chopped, looped, & scratched by DJ HasH)

Heavy D & The Boyz- Mr. Big Stuff

Isis- Power of Myself Is Moving

Camp Lo- Sparkle

Intermission- Shen 7 “Love Suite 7”

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien- I Got You ft. Ladybug Mecca

EMC- The Show ft. Ladybug Mecca

Ladybug Mecca- If I Need To Move On (Sometimes)

Bahamadia- Pep Talk

Click here to listen to the DOPENESS!

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