Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Omega Red & J-Fury "Directions" Music Video

Omega Red and J-Fury are two solo artists who are dope on the mic AND on the beats. Taking the theory of "2 heads are better than 1", they've decided to join forces for an upcoming project that I'm sure is going to be amazing. Both Omega Red and J-Fury have been creating dope Hip Hop for years so I'm excited to hear the finished project.

The first single and video to come from their collaboration is "Directions". A dope song that has that golden era appeal to it complete with a smooth sample and hard hitting drums and bassline that have that "boom bap" knock. The video stays true to the "good ole days" of Hip Hop when artists pride themselves on developing concepts for videos. Visual elements of Hip Hop are represented in this video as well from actual vinyl being shown, an MPC, and a recording studio complete with a sound board.

Omega Red and J-Fury are coming out the gate with some serious dopeness so I'm anticipating what they come out with next. Shout out to Omega Red and J-Fury for holding me down and giving me a cameo in this video! I appreciate you all letting me get my shine on. :)



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