Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gang Starr ft. Nice & Smooth "DWYCK" (LIVE). Yo! MTV Raps (1992)

I REALLY miss the days of Yo! MTV Raps. The amount of Hip Hop legends that have performed on the Yo! MTV Raps stage is incredible. This performance of "DWYCK" by Gang Starr is one of my favorites. This is Hip Hop at its finest. No DATS or pre-recorded music. And no "MC" rapping over his pre-recorded rhymes. Just 2 turntables and a mic (DJ Premier going to WORK on the turntables with vinyl and Guru (RIP) getting buzy on the mic along with Nice & Smooth).

I still can't believe you are gone Guru. Despite all of the drama that has appeared in the media since your passing, NO ONE can take away your legacy and what you and DJ Premier contributed to Hip Hop. You and DJ Premier were definitely "one of the best yet". Rest in Peace Guru. SALUTE!

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