Sunday, January 10, 2010

O.C Demo Tape (1991) Free Download!

O.C of D.I.T.C (Diggin in the Crates) was first introduced to the world in 1991 on the single Fudge Pudge by Organized Konfusion. Three years later he dropped his critically acclaimed (and VERY DOPE I might add) debut album Word...Life in 1994. Since then he has continued to release quality Hip Hop music like his solid follow up album Jewelz in 1997 and the limited, Japan only, official release Starchild in 2005.

So because I'm such a fan of O.C's music, I was excited to get my hands on his demo tape. One of the things that I love about demo tapes is that it allows you to hear songs in its most pure yet unpolished state. And this O.C demo tape is no exception. The sound quality isn't the best but that's usually the reality when dealing with most demo tapes. Regardless, that doesn't take away from the overall quality and dopeness of this demo tape.

This demo tape features 5 songs. Including the original version of Ozone which was featured on Word...Life. A quick note, this demo tape states that it was recorded in 1991. That may have been the case for some of the songs but on A Clear Day O.C makes a reference to 9-5. So who knows when this demo tape was ACTUALLY recorded. BUT WHO CARES?!?! lol It's DOPE! So what are you waiting for. Download it now!!!



2.Visual Picture

3.Stay Alive

4.Brothers Are Fake

5.A Clear Day

Click here to download.



  2. Wow, just saw this post! O.C. actually did the Clear Day intro for my mixtape called A Clear Day which was released in 1995. Not sure who put this demo together but that track is indeed from 1995....still have the masters from that session in the vault. thanks for posting. peace

    - DJ Clear

  3. Word? Oh that's dope!!! I would love to hear your "A Clear Day" mixtape. Do you still have it in the vaults?


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