Monday, September 5, 2011

Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH (LIVE in London) ft. a performance by Lyrickal (of The Temporary Residents)!

Click here to listen to the DOPENESS!

This show aired live from midnight-2:00am London time on 5/20/09 on This was the 1st and only show that I've been blessed to do live so far in London and I was amped! You could tell all in my voice! This was the 5th Vinyl Vybz show I had every done so my apologies for not being as "comfortable" on the mic as I am now. Not to mention I was VERY excited to be in London to do Vinyl Vybz Live and then perform at the Westbury with the rest of the Temporary Residents the following day. My adrenaline was pumping!!!

My apparent lack of skills on the mic compared to current shows aside, this show was INCREDIBLE! The music was DOPE but most importantly I was surrounded by family in the studio. Check out an appearance by the admiral of The Temporary Residents, DJ Johnny Rebel, and a SPECIAL performance by Lyrickal (the guy whose drop I play during every Old to the New segment). Lyrickal performed a 10 minute freestyle of rapping, singing, vocal scratches & instrumentation. And the scary part is that this is only a FRACTION of what this man is capable of. Trust me you DON'T want to miss this!!!


DJ HasH aka Da Corned Beef Kid (of the Temporary Residents)

*** PLAYLIST ***

DJ HasH- Vinyl Vybz Intro

Wu-Tang Clan- Triumph

Raekwon- The New Wu ft. Method Man & Ghostface *an exclusive called "Wu-Ooh" at this time*

Intermission- Slum Village "Untitled / Fantastic" (instrumental)


Strange Fruit Project- Ooh Wee

Strange Fruit Project- Aquatic Groove

Strange Fruit Project- Stand Up

Intermission- Jay-Z "Dear Summer" (instrumental)

Panacea- Flashback to Stardom

Dela- Long Life ft. Talib Kweli

Elzhi- Deep

Omen- Beyond

Intermission- Camp Lo "Coolie High" (instrumental)

Big Shug- Crush

Lin Que- Let It Fall

Ador- Let It All Hang Out

Pete Rock & C.L Smooth- Lots of Lovin (Remix)

Intermission- Illa J "All Good / Sounds Like Love ft. Debi Nova" (instrumentals)

*** Live performance by Lyrickal of the Temporary Residents!!! ***

(rapping, singing, vocal scratching & instrumentation ALL freestyle off the top of the head for 10 minutes straight! WHAT?!?!)

Roxanne Shante- Roxanne's Revenge

Special Ed- I Got It Made

Public Enemy- Don't Believe the Hype

Salt and Pepa- Get Up Everybody (Get Up)

Intermission- Nice & Smooth "Old to the New" (chopped & looped by DJ HasH) ft. Lyrickal

Tupac- Do For Love

Notorious B.I.G- Sky's the Limit

Tanya Morgan- Want U to Want Me *small assist from Lyrickal on the beatbox at the end*

Intermission- Slum Village "Climax" (instrumental)

*Lyrickal closes the show with a performance featuring vocal scratching, freestyle rhyming & singing*

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