Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH "is for the Children" Edition. DOPENESS!!!

Click here to listen to the DOPENESS!

Peace and blessings fellow music headz! Welcome to the 1st edition of what I call Vinyl Vybz “is for the Children”. That’s 2 hours of Hip Hop and Soul music from children ONLY! I recently read an article about ODB’s upcoming 6th year anniversary of his passing on November 14th. While reading, I thought about how ODB rushed the stage at the Grammys after the Wu-Tang Clan didn’t win and he gave his infamous speech which included him declaring that “Wu-Tang is for the children”. Thus the name of this show!

So last night I played some obvious Hip Hop bangas from child MC’s like Chi-Ali, Illegal, ABC, & Shyheim. And since it’s my goal on Vinyl Vybz to not just play obvious music but also educate you on some DOPE music that may not be known. I played some heat from artists like A+, 2 Low, Whooliganz, & Quo to name a few. I also played a few CLASSIC Soul/R&B songs from some child crooners that you haven’t heard in a MINUTE!

So click on the link up top and listen to how these shorties got BUSY!!! Most of them sound just as dope as their adult counterparts. TRUST! Feel free to share this link with your fellow music lovers, post it on your blog, facebook wall, tweet it, do WHATEVER you want to get the music out and spread the word. I appreciate it GREATLY! Next Tuesday from 6-8pm (CST) it’s business as usual on, so be sure to check me out for another 2 hours of DOPENESS on Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH!!!


DJ HasH aka Da Corned Beef Kid of the Temporary Residents


DJ HasH- Vinyl Vybz Intro

BusCrates 16 Bit Ensemble- Vinyl Vybz Intro

Chi-Ali- Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a #

Vicious- Nika

A+- Wanna Be Rich

Intermission- Da Youngsta’s “No More Hard Times Remix” (instrumental)

Another Bad Creation- Playground

Fam-Lee- Runs in the Fam-Lee

Terminator X & The Valley of the Jeep Beets- “Juvenile Delinquintz” ft. Juvenile Delinquintz

Illegal- We Getz Buzy ft Erick Sermon (Diamond D Remix)

Quo- Huh What?

Da Youngsta’s- Pass Da Mic (Pete Rock Remix)

Intermission- Primeridian “Ring Around the Lyrical” (instrumental)

Special Ed- Taxing

Shyheim- On & On

Mobb Deep- Peer Pressure

Jamal- Keep It Real

Intermission- Shade Cobain “Honeymoon Phase” (Bliss)

2 Low- Growing Up Aint Easy

The Wascals- The Dips (On My Jammie Mix)

Whooliganz- Hit The Deck ft. Everlast

Kausion- What You Wanna Do? ft. Ice Cube

Intermission- Nice & Smooth “Old to the New” (chopped, looped, & scratches by DJ HasH)

Soul For Real- Candy Rain

Kriss Kross- Alright [Extended Remix] ft. Super Cat

Shyheim- Shaolin Style ft. Squig

Intermission- Adam Rock “It’s Easy”

The Sylvers- That’s What Love Is Made Of

Quincy Jones (Tevin Campbell)- Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)

Michael Jackson- Dear Michael

New Edition- Popcorn Love

Subway- Chi-Town Ride ft. Easy & Tung Twista

***Bonus Song (not mentioned in the final intermission)***

Roxanne Shante- Roxanne’s Revenge

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