Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Organized Konfusion [aka Simply II Positive MCs]

Click here to download.

True Hip Hop heads STAND UP! You're in for a treat! I have another Hip Hop Demo for your listening enjoyment. This one comes courtesy of Prince Po (Poetry) & Pharoahe Monch bka Organized Konfusion!!!

Their 1st album Organized Konfusion was released back in 1991. Prior to that though, Organized Konfusion shopped a 5 song demo in 1989 under the name (Simply II Positive MCs). You'll notice that one of the demo songs,"Prisoners of War", made it on the official debut album.

As I say with all of the demos that I hook you all up with on this blog, the sound quality isn't the best. But it's a VERY minor issue when you look at the big picture. Which is ANOTHER rare gem for all of my Hip Hop heads out there.

So stop reading this and download the DOPENESS!!!


1. Audience Pleasers

2. Cooling One Day

3. International Arrival

4. Mind Over Matter

5. Prisoners of War

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