Saturday, March 6, 2010

R.I.P DJ Tapedek

Unfortunately I received some disturbing news last night that one of Chicago's very own DJ's, producers, blogger, and most importantly all around good human being recently passed away. Family and close friends knew him as Christian (Chris). Fans (like myself) and the rest of the world knew him as DJ Tapedek.

I never had the honor of meeting him personally. My cousin, who was a good friend of his, informed me to "hook up with him" due to our similiar love and passion of music. As soon as we began to follow each other on twitter it was "on"! Ironically, besides the time I advised him to cop a new keyboard that he was eyeing instead of buying a new phone, we rarely talked about music on twitter. We had talks about life. One of my favorite conversations we had was on the topic of the value of family and how our elders are the best teachers and primary source of getting an education on history. So in the grand scheme of things it appears we had much more in common than just a love for music.

I regret that I never had the opportunity to meet DJ Tapedek. Based on the overflow of love that he has received in the last 24 hours on his facebook and twitter page I KNOW he was an incredible human being. I would like to give my condolences to his family as well as friends and ask that God blesses and covers them during this difficult time.

In honor of DJ Tapedek, I would like to direct your attention to his "Saturday Morning Mix CD Vol.2" on The Afters Cool Society blog (Click here to listen). You can also listen to other mixes that he's done by clicking through the archives.

Rest in peace brother. Respect and love.


  1. Absolutely.
    Thanks for the tribute. I am just still in shock, and can't accept it right now, but I know I have no choice. He was such a great person, words can't describe his spirit. I know for a fact that he has touched everyone that knew him; he had that kind of spirit. Everything happens for a reason, because of this tragic event, I will continue to live life to the fullest, as Chris did, and cherish the long talks, his company and compassion he embodied FOREVER.... I will truly miss him. Who else can I fight with about who knows music best? Chris…you win!!!

  2. You're welcome Soul Control.

    The tragic news really got me down and I felt like I had to do SOMETHING. Thank you for steering me in his direction. The brief time that Chris and I conversed was always GREAT! Hopefully this blog will give those, who didn't get the opportunity to know him, a small window into his character and musicality.

    Thank you again for the comment and love!

  3. Christian Hales aka DJ Tapedek my man you will be miss i alway had a goodtime djin' with you.


  4. That's a very good tribute.
    It's amazing to see the number of persons he touched.
    Just want to thank God, cause He gives me the chance to know him and meet him.

    Rest in Peace my hawk.


  5. Thank you for the comments DJE and Claude. I attended a tribute for DJ Tapedeck this past weekend at the Chicago Art Department. It was DOPE! The outpouring of love for Chris in the building was AMAZING!

  6. I wish I was there.

  7. Hey Guys. I just found out about this this weekend. I knew Chris from playing soccer. Wonderful man, way to young to go. But, he lived life. Wish I new him better.. just wanted to write down that I'll miss him.

  8. Yeah I wish I knew Chris better also Rich. :( He will be GREATLY missed by all. Thanx for sharing that with us.

    Peace and blessings.


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