Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stezo ft. Jim Slice "Bop Ya Headz" (1994)

Off of the 1994 Funktown Records 12". Former EPMD dancer Stezo (peep him gettin' his dancing on behind Parrish Smith in the "You Gots to Chill" video) introduced himself as more than a dancer with his debut 1989 album "Crazy Noise". The album spawned the hits "It's My Turn" and "Freak the Funk". In 1994 Stezo returned with this banga "Bop Ya Headz" ft. Jim Slice. This was a rare video and even harder to find 12". Like my boy Solomon Grunge told me, this was a great era of Hip Hop when production consisted of "breakbeats, slowed down jazz samples , and horn loops." Peep the 90's slang and the cassette tape / car radio tape deck in the video too. Man I miss this era of Hip Hop. "Bop Ya Headz" is 90's Hip Hop at it's finest!

Check it out!

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