Saturday, December 5, 2009

Panacea - Corkscrew Gaps (EP) FREE Download!!!

I've never been the type of person not to admit when he's wrong. And when it comes to Panacea boy was I wrong. I slept SO bad! But thank goodness I awoke from my slumber late rather than never. I've heard of Panacea in the past but never heard any of their music. It wasn't until I copped Panacea's "The Scenic Route" , at Dr. Wax in Hyde Park , that I realized how special Panacea is. "The Scenic Route" ,which was HipHop Connection's 2007 Album of the Year, was easily one of the best albums I'd heard that year. Due to that fact I began researching and copping past Panacea music with an "obsessive determination".

Fast forward to the present and Panacea (consisting of Raw Poetic (MC), producer extraordinaire K-Murdock, & DJ Damu The Fudgemunk) has now released an audible treat of progressive Hip Hop for their fans and newcomers alike. For your listening enjoyment Panacea has a FREE download of their EP "Corkscrew Gaps" which features unreleased songs from previous recording sessions, rare remixes, and collaborations recorded between 2003-2009. I can't talk enough about this EP. The ENTIRE EP is DOPE! And it's free!? This EP sounds better than some of the albums I dropped 15 dollars for earlier this year! I mean you can't beat that!

Check out the DOPENESS!!!

Click here to download.

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